At this point in my life (two months from 40), I’m beginning to see a little more of what

life is like. As a child you share your parents with your siblings. The younger ones

need more care and attention. As an adult, you share your parents with your elderly

grandparents, who need more care and attention. But, there is a sweet spot in

between where you’re both adults and the love and attention is turned back toward

one another where there is no real demand or obligation, just love and relationship.

You reap the rewards of the sacrifices made and they get to eat of the fruits of their


I feel so blessed to be in the sweet spot. I feel restored to my natural state,. A reunion

of the self, where who I was unites with who I’ve become. Here I stand a complete

person, unbroken at last.

-Jessica Wilson

This post is dedicated to my mom, Yolanda, and my dad, Bill, who spent the weekend

with us. It felt so nice and cozy. I felt like a little girl, back in the safety and comfort of

her parents love. It was a special time. Thank you, mom and dad. We love you both,

and I feel blessed to now share you with my own children. God bless you. He blessed

all of us with you!


Your daughter,


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